Company Introduction

Giada was founded in 1999 and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of embedded PCs, servers, and motherboards. They’re dedicated to providing products and solutions for digital signage, cloud computing, big data, intelligent retail, smart education, AI, and industrial automation. Giada has consistently ranked as one of the top five server manufacturers in China and has become recognised as a market-leading commercial media player in the South African digital signage industry. Giada products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide. In South Africa, Syntech is the exclusive distributor of Giada products.

Why Giada

Giada offers a wide range of reliable and high-quality systems to meet almost any customer need. The product lineup spans from entry-level mini PCs suitable for small businesses to semi-industrial embedded computers for some of harshest operational climates some businesses operate in. In Europe, Giada is a leading brand in the digital signage space, having recently secured the First Place Media Player in Digital Signage Award.

Giada invests more than 10% of its sale volume to ongoing research and development, which ensures consistent innovation year after year. They’re also equipped with an impressive production and reliability track record, featuring an impressive RMA rate of less than 1% annually.

Small form factor

Heavy duty

Highly reliable

Entry-Level Computers

With the entry-level range, you'll be able to find cost-effective Giada solutions perfect for most basic to intermediate requirements. Includes small form factor computers & players.


The high-performance range features high-spec Giada solutions that are designed to deliver exceptional performance. Includes small form factor computers & players.


Our semi-industrial machines are fan-less and heat resistant. They're designed to work in extreme or harsh working environments.